whore vidal

my hands ain't dirty as my mind

When I am on all fours and I have to pee and he has to pee and he fucks me the tension in our bellies and the blood in our middles makes us have to be what we are.

Girlfight - Beartrap (Tarpit Part II)

i sure do miss this silly little band 

untitled (for m.w.)


and when you were young and i guess i was too we went swimming at the quarry outside of town that they said was tricky to get to but seemed to you to be a pretty straight shot out and the water was cold and not clear and i thought unspeakably and unspoke about what swam beneath us; sharks, great…

i was p sad and then wood dug up this old thing i wrote and well i’m still p sad but that was swell pretty swell 

(via woodsaddle)


bronies should join the Communist Party of America if they want to be a part of something really magical

I don’t care
about the flowers, which I merely invented
to give myself another reason to address you.


Anonymous asked: what are your tattoos

no way MOM

DO hate me cos i’m beautiful (eventual and inevitable insecurity nudes ever forthcoming)