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"Until the late 1960s, Point Breeze was a relatively stable, self-sufficient neighborhood. Its residents almost never went into Center City, as they had everything they needed within a few blocks of their two story rowhouses. At night, Point Breeze Avenue (known by residents as ‘The Breeze’) was illuminated by scores of shop signs advertising clothing, fresh produce, appliances, ice cream, and soda. There were two five and dime stores (Woolworth’s and Kresge’s), and the Curson family operated a dress shop patronized by residents for First Communion and weddings. There were also kosher butcher shops that catered to the still-large Jewish community. ‘It was a very busy, beautiful area,’ remembered Claudia Sherrod, whose parents came to Philadelphia from Georgia during the Great Depression. ‘There used to be over a hundred stores on the Breeze.’"

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